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Guide to ASCM Membership & Changes to APICS Certifications During COVID-19

Has your job or APICS certification education been impacted by COVID-19?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, APICS Greater Detroit continues to support supply chain professionals. We want to ensure you are aware of important Association Supply Chain Management (ASCM) membership benefits and APICS certification programs to assist you during these times.


Michigan Companies Step Up to Help During COVID-19

Michigan companies are stepping up to help support the fight against COVID-19 with medical supplies, hand sanitizer and more.

At APICS Greater Detroit we support local supply chain professionals with the education and information they need to be successful in today's ever changing world.

Thanks to the many companies for their efforts to help fight against COVID-19!


COVID19 Supply Chain Impacts and Resources

Are you looking for more information, resources and support on COVID19?

At APICS Greater Detroit we support local supply chain professionals with the education and information they need to be successful in today's ever changing world.

In the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic we might have been alone, but now more than ever we can work together to overcome this. The supply chain community is strong and we're here to support one another!


Managing Supply Chain Risk Due to Coronavirus


Has your supply chain been impacted by the coronavirus or other geopolitical events?

Having a plan to manage risks that can impact your supply chain has become essential to be successful in our global economy. Harvard Business Review author James B. Rice, Jr. recently shared advice summarized in our latest blog on preparing your supply chain for the coronavirus.


CSCP Success Story - Value of Supply Chain Knowledge for All Professionals


Has your company considered cross-training various departments on supply chain?

Many individuals and companies have benefited from a better overall understanding of supply chain principles and terminology. We've summarized one such example from a recent APICS Success Story where Finance Manager Kuban Chetty, CSCP, shares how CSCP training enabled him to be more effective in his role.


Part 2 - How Supply Chain Pros at Automotive Suppliers Accelerate Program Launches


Want to help your team to be more successful? APICS Greater Detroit is proud to share this two-part blog guest written by William Crane, CSCP, CEO of IndustryStar. Part 1 shared last week discussed assembling your team and crafting a winning game plan.

Part 2 looks at adjusting to what the defense gives you, tracking your stats to continuously improve and pursuing program launch excellence.


Part 1 - How Supply Chain Pros at Automotive Suppliers Accelerate Program Launches


Have you ever been a part of a really successful team? APICS Greater Detroit is proud to share this two-part blog guest written by William Crane, CSCP, CEO of IndustryStar. Part 1: Assemble Your Team and Craft Winning Game Plan.

As supply chain leaders, we can relate to the immense effort that goes into sequential wins in the March Madness tournament to our positive milestone outcomes during a successful new program launch.


Keep Digging and Keep Learning!


Are you still learning in your career? Are you continuously seeking new opportunities to keep your skills fresh? APICS Greater Detroit hosted Linas Polteraitis, Adient's VP of Global Commodity Procurement last week at a sold out event where he shared valuable information on strategic procurement strategies.

Linas also reinforced the importance for supply chain and purchasing professionals to keep digging and keep learning! Read More...

Preparing for Supply Chain Disruptors


Has your supply chain been impacted by disruptions such as the coronavirus or geopolitical changes? The Wall Street Journal shared last week, "As the spread of the new coronavirus in China causes more factory shutdowns, the effect on global industrial supply chains could linger for years."


Career Development Key to Keeping Quality Workers


Is your company struggling to retain quality workers? Many industries are feeling the challenge of a retiring Boomer generation and low levels of unemployment. Per, "Prospective employees see career development as among the most important reasons to sign with —and stay with — with your organization."


The Value of ASCM Membership for Supply Chain Professionals


Are you a supply chain professional in the Greater Detroit area looking to advance in your career? Learn about the value of membership in the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) as part of your career management strategy.


The Evolving State of Procurement Culture, Identity, and Technology


Research and advisory firm Levvel Research shared key findings around the evolving state of procurement culture, identity and technology in their 2019 Procurement Insight Report.


APICS Greater Detroit 2019 Year in Review!


APICS Greater Detroit is proud to continue to serve the Detroit area Supply Chain Community.

We are ambitious, smart, and passionate about operations and supply chain management. We invite you to take a look back at 2019 with us at highlights from our educational events, certification classes, community support and more!


Industry Leaders Respond as USMCA Moves Forward


Has your supply chain been impacted by trade uncertainties?

Last week progress was made on the proposed new United States-Mexico-Canada trade Agreement (USMCA). Learn about USMCA and what key industry leaders saying.


Advice on How To Attract Millennials to Your Organization


Is your company having a hard time closing the skill gap? Would you benefit from being able to hire more millennial aged employees?

Attracting and retaining skilled Millennial workers is a key strategy for companies to be successful in the coming years.


Supply Chains and Blockchain: Real World Examples


Is your company using blockchain technology? Could your supply chain benefit from it? At APICS Greater Detroit we are passionate about serving our local supply chain community. We do this by supporting professionals with the information and education needed to stay competitive in today's ever changing world.

Learn about what Blockchain is and how it's being leveraged today in supply chains across industries including food, automotive and pharmaceutical.


Highlights from StockX VP Supply Chain Presentation & Dinner at Slalom Detroit


APICS Greater Detroit hosted a fun and educational evening last week at the Slalom Consulting offices with special guest speaker, Tim McCurdy, StockX's VP of Supply Chain!

Tim shared how StockX turns Supply Chain traditional Sales and Operations Planning on it's head.


Detroit's Global Logistics Leadership & APICS Enhanced CLTD Certification


Detroit is the 6th largest metro in the nation for export products to more than 230 countries. EVERY day more than 11,000 trucks carrying goods worth more than $600 million use the Detroit & Port Huron border crossings.

The Detroit area is a global leader in logistics and APICS Detroit is offering an enhanced Certified in Logistics, Transportation & Distribution instructor-led course this January to support these efforts.


Detroit Based StockX Wins Awards for Retail Innovation


Have you heard about Detroit based billion dollar startup StockX? StockX is the world’s first stock market for things – a live ‘bid/ask’ marketplace.

APICS Greater Detroit is excited to host Tim McCurdy, StockX's VP Supply Chain on November 20th to hear about this fast growing local company.


Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) 2019 Conference Highlights


Were you able to attend this year's ASCM national supply chain conference in Las Vegas? If not, we've summarized a few of the highlights for you!


Impact of 5G on Supply Chains & Logistics


Do you have a plan to deploy 5G in 2020?

In a recent survey from Gartner, 66% of organizations plan to deploy 5G by 2020. Per SupplyChainDive, "As the 5G mobile broadband standard begins to roll out in cities across the world, supply chain and logistics managers who don't have a strategy already may be behind the curve."


Global Supply Chains and Trade Tariffs


Are you concerned about the recent changes in global tariffs? Many Detroit area businesses have been impacted by changes in trade tariffs. Recently the Detroit News shared how increases in tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum have created an uncertain trade environment for small manufacturers in Michigan, who are concerned about the impact on their bottom lines.

Last week, the Trump administration confirmed tariffs on $7.5 billion of EU goods went into effect Friday. Read below for some tips from Global Trade Magazine on ways to prepare your business for tariff changes.


Inability to Attract & Retain A Quality Workforce Remains Top Challenge for Manufacturers per NAM Q3 Survey


Per the National Association for Manufacturers (NAM) Q3 Manufacturers Outlook Survey, the greatest challenge facing manufacturers of all sizes continues to be finding a qualified workforce.

This week we share how CPIM training helped James Tilton, Director of Materials for Draper, Inc. broaden his skills and grow in his career.


EMU APICS Student Chapter 33rd Year Earning Platinum Status!


The Eastern Michigan APICS Student Chapter has earned PLATINUM status once again from the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).

Congratulations to the hard working students of the EMU APICS Student Chapter for their efforts in maintaining Platinum status for 33 years!


Passing a Certification Exam: Advice from Jill Hays, CSCP, CPIM, CLTD


Are you ready to take your APICS certification exam? Are you looking for advice to ensure a passing grade? Jill Hays, CSCP, CPIM, CLTD, current President of APICS Greater Detroit Chapter, shares below her advice on passing certification exams.


APICS Greater Detroit - Jill Hays Shares #WhyAPICS is Important to Her


APICS Greater Detroit members continue to share their #WhyApics stories on how APICS has helped them in their careers. Jill Hays, CSCP, CPIM, CLTD, Inventory Optimization Manager at Adient and current President of APICS Greater Detroit shares her #WhyApics.

APICS Greater Detroit thanks Jill for her many years of service to and now leadership of the APICS Greater Detroit chapter.


ASCM 2019 Conference Women in Supply Chain Panel


Is your supply chain team diverse? Do you struggle to attract and retain diverse candidates?

APICS Greater Detroit chapter members recently had the opportunity to hear from an expert panel at the ASCM national 2019 conference on the topic of women in supply chain and championing diversity and inclusion within your enterprise.


Strategies for a Sustainable Supply Chain


Is your supply chain sustainable? Are you looking for more information on strategies to improve in this area?

At APICS Greater Detroit our mission is to foster the advancement of end-to-end supply chain management through the sharing of best practices through our expert body of knowledge, innovative research and systems for our local supply chain community. Here we share strategies for supply chain sustainability used by a Detroit area global automotive manufacturer.


2nd Annual Southeast MI Golf Outing Highlights


On August 16th, APICS Greater Detroit Chapter, ISM and CSCMP teamed up to host the 2nd annual Southeast MI golf outing!

A great time was had by all participants!


Improving Supply Chain Performance During Times of Uncertainty


Are you concerned about global uncertainties impacting your supply chain?

Looking for opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs are great strategies to combat global uncertainties.

ASCM recently shared a case study on how one company was able to heighten their supply chain performance leveraging ASCM educational tools.


Resume Development Tips for Supply Chain Students


Are you a Supply Chain student currently looking for opportunities to improve your resume?

At APICS Greater Detroit, an important part of our mission is to support Supply Chain STUDENTS. We do this by partnering with Eastern Michigan University APICS Student Chapter, encouraging APICS case competitions, connecting students to internship opportunities, resume reviews, mentoring, and more.


A Case for APICS Logistics, Transportation & Distribution Certificate


Are you looking for ways to reduce your logistics, transportation or distribution costs? Per the Q2 2019 National Association for Manufacturers, 56% of respondents were concerned about trade uncertainties and 26% said transportation and logistics costs were a primary business challenge.

Brent Ruth, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, CTL, Supply Chain Transformation Process Manager at Caterpillar, shares below how the APICS Certified Logistics, Transportion and Distribution (CLTD) helped his company.


How APICS Can Help Manufacturers With "Brain Drain"


Are you concerned about an aging workforce and the loss of institutional and technical knowledge as your teammates retire?

Per a recent study on the aging of the manufacturing workforce published by the Manufacturing Institute, "manufacturing firms are primarily concerned that the aging of the workforce will result in the loss of their older workers’ institutional and technical knowledge. Specifically, 97 percent of firms express at least some concern about brain drain, and almost half of firms indicate that they are 'very concerned' about the issue."


Value of Lifelong Learning for Supply Chain Leaders


As a Supply Chain leader, are you investing in learning for you and your managers?

As manufacturing output levels reach record highs per National Assocation for Manufacturers, exceeding $2.385 in Q1 2019, the value of effective supply chain management continues to be extremely important


Top Benefits of Employee Training


Is your company hiring people new to manufacturing due to low unemployment and lack of skilled workers? Per a recent article by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, the shortage of skilled workers is causing many manufacturers to hire from outside of the industry, bringing in people without manufacturing skills or backgrounds.


APICS Greater Detroit NEW Virtual Certification Prep


Have you struggled to find the time to attend APICS certification classes in the past? At APICS Greater Detroit, we are excited to offer more flexible class options to help you advance in your career and earn a globally recognized certification!


How APICS Helps Close the Skill Gap


Are you struggling to find skilled workers? Per the National Association for Manufacturers (NAM) Manufacturers 2nd Quarter Outlook Survey, 68.8% of respondents cited the inability to find skilled workers as top challenge.


Which APICS Certification is Right for You?


At APICS Greater Detroit, we get asked this question very often by the supply chain community. Our answer is it depends on your area of focus and where you are headed in your career. Our mission is to inspire and grow supply chain professionals – at all levels of their careers.

As the leader in supply chain education and certification programs, we set the industry standard. Our certifications are proven to help supply chain professionals earn more throughout their careers. Read on for which certification is the best fit for you!


APICS Greater Detroit Awards Joann Parrinder Instructor of The Year!


APICS Greater Detroit awards Joann Parrinder Instructor of the Year in 2018/19 based on her exemplary engagement as an APICS Detroit Instructor. Our mission is to inspire and grow supply chain professionals – at all levels of their careers. APICS is the leader in supply chain education and certification programs.


Meet The APICS Greater Detroit Volunteer Board of Directors


Did you know that APICS Greater Detroit is managed by 100% volunteer Board of Directors? Each year individuals are nominated and elected by active members. Board members hold their position for a period of one year, and meetings take place at least six times a year.


APICS Greater Detroit Networking Event at B. Nektar Meadery


APICS Greater Detroit, the premier association for supply chain management, hosted a fun networking event and informative tour last week at B. Netkar, the largest meadery in the USA!


How BASF Applied APICS Body of Knowledge for Winning Results


Are you looking for ways to reduce your costs for labor, internal logistics or order fulfillment cycle times? Do you need to increase your return on supply chain fix assets?


Is Your Supply Chain Prepared to be Disrupted?


Has your supply chain been impacted over the past year by unexpected weather or global tariff changes? Do you have a plan to mitigate risk for similar future events?


Supply Chain Managers - The Most Important Business Improvement Is An Upgraded Workforce


Are you looking for ways to be more competitive in your career or as a company? Has your company invested in technology, yet still struggles to deliver differentiated products or services in the marketplace?


Eastern Michigan University APICS Student Chapter - News and Accomplishments


At APICS Greater Detroit, everything we do centers on inspiring and growing Supply Chain Professionals in the Detroit area – at all levels of their careers. We are on a mission to help both professionals and students.

As part of this effort, we are proud to partner with the Eastern Michigan University Student APICS Chapter and share their update below highlighting their news and accomplishments from this past school year.


APICS Greater Detroit Launches #WhyApics - Alyssa Rollins Shares #WhyAPICS is Important to Her


APICS Greater Detroit is excited to announce our #WhyApics campaign sharing supply chain professionals’ stories on how APICS has helped them in their careers.

To kick off the effort, we are proud to share our first #WhyApics below from Alyssa Rollins, Interior Buyer at Ford Motor Company and APICS Greater Detroit Board Member.


Addressing the Skill Gap: APICS Greater Detroit Can Help


Is your company struggling to retain employees? Are you having a hard time finding skilled workers? Per the Michigan Manufacturers Association, Michigan is now leading the nation in manufacturing job growth, with 190,800 new manufacturing jobs since June 2009!1

This is great economic news, although for many manufacturers, it is creating talent shortages due to a lack of skilled workers. . . .Finding and retaining skilled workers is essential for your company’s growth. Your local APICS Greater Detroit chapter, the premier association for supply chain management, can help and here’s how.


Supply Chains and the Internet of Things (IoT)


Is your supply chain connected using the Internet of Things (IoT)? Have you considered how sensor technology might be able to help your company minimize risk and improve efficiencies?

The future of IoT is here. Per SupplyChainBrain, "True supply chain integration and full end-to-end shipment visibility - the holy grail for freight shippers - is finally at hand, thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and the IoT."


Sales and Operations Planning: “A Holistic Approach”


APICS Greater Detroit supply chain professionals got together this month for an interactive discussion with Global Supply Chain Management Executive, Richard Ulrey Jr., CPA, MBA, PhD. He had the following statement to share about our group.

“The APICS Greater Detroit Chapter is an impressive group of supply chain professionals. I enjoyed discussing sales and operations planning with them. Building cross functional teams is a critical component for successful digital transformation projects.” Richard Ulrey, CPA, MBA, PhD